Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NTT Docomo handset domestic compatibility

NTT Docomo recently published the results of compatibility checks with other domestic carriers. There is no mention of data, but if voice works, so should 3G data. This is because, as far as I know, Japan never used 2G GSM. So it works with 3G data and voice, or it doesn't work at all. As you can see the results are not surprising. Everything is compatible with SBM and hardly anything with Emobile.

I assume that as Docomo adds new handsets, this table will be updated.

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  1. Basic question: what type of unlocking is it that docomo will do for its new phones? Is it an unlocking that will allow another SIM to be used in the phones (SIM-unlocking?)? Does this also unlock the OS/bootloader? Or is that some other type of lock? Can a docomo Galaxy Nexus also be unlocked? Or is it already as unlocked as can be?

    I'll get a new phone in mid-May when my current contract expires, and I do not want to depend on docomo to keep my handset up to date. Docomo dropped the ball on the Xperia X10 / SO-01B. Sony Ericsson put out an android 2.3 update, but docomo said that they would not be updating the Japan Xperia SO-01B from 2.1. I don't want to face this again.

    Especially with the phones/mini-tablets becoming more useful, when my contract is up, I don't want the phone disabled in any way. 2 years from now, a Galaxy Note will still make a decent, useful WiFi device that could conceivably be updated to jellybean, then KeyLimePie, then maybe LemonMeringue (or whatever they'll be called) IFF docomo does not maintain control over the OS updates.

    I know phones can be hacked, but this is a hit-or-miss proposition. I want phones that don't need hacked to use as I want.

    The Galaxy Nexus that docomo was selling came unlocked, and that was my first choice. Now, none of the phones from docomo come unlocked. So, unless I can figure this out and know that the phones will be fully under my control after the contract ends, it seems that getting an eMobile phone is the easiest route to go. Their phones all come unlocked. They do not, however, have the selection of phones that docomo has.

    Any advice or thoughts?