Monday, April 23, 2012

PSA: GT-i9100 SiyahKernel 3.1RC6 causing Bricked Devices

Yesterday when the Siyah kernel developer updated 3.1RC6 there was a bug introduced that was bricking devices when the user performed a factory reset. Nobody is sure if it is a hard brick or a soft brick but at this point in time, no one has been able to un-brick their device.

In my guides I am only using the 3.0.1 stable version, so it is not a problem for those using that one. But if you are using a different source than this blog any 3.1RC6 version older than today is suspect. You can find more info on the official thread.

1 comment:

  1. I have sc-02c with siyah kernel 3.0.28 - v3.1rc6gm@gm-mint#70 and cyanomod 9-20120419 nightly.
    just 1 issue with stock music app... everything works fine in Osaka :)