Thursday, April 19, 2012

Welcome to Japan Mobile Tech (dot com)

It was time. It really was. We know a lot of you actually liked the old name - it was cool in a childish sort of way.

But we unfortunately (kinda) grew up.

This blog was created and named for a completely different purpose than it now serves, which is providing English information on Japanese carriers. And since they all suck, it's hard to single out just one carrier with the URL. ;)


  1. I like especially the last reason for the name change :D

  2. you could have changed the name of the blog to "softbank au docomo willcom emobile sucks"

  3. Nice move! I know I'm picky, but what about the subtitle? "Notes on using Google's Android mobile OS in Japan".

    I counted only 2 articles on Android out of the 9 articles of your front page as of today (not counting this article about your blog's title change). I'm not really interested in Android blogs (my phone is android though), but your blog is still very much interesting to me; I think that's because it really doesn't feel like an Android blog.

  4. Congrats! Keep up the good coverage.

  5. Fair enough. Thanks for your continued, hard work.