Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Updated: Installing ICS (CyanogenMOD 9) on your SC-02C (Galaxy S2)

Some have pointed out that my previous post was not exactly 100% clear if you are not a seasoned veteran so I have revised it to make it as simple as possible.

The usual warnings apply: We are not responsible for any broken or bricked devices. Use this guide at your own risk. However this worked for me on my SC-02C so it should work for you too. CyanogenMOD9 isn't considered a stable release yet and the kernel we are using has just hit a "stable" release so some hiccups are to be expected. For kernel specific issues please report them in the XDA thread for the kernel.

Update: if any of the dropbox links are dead please check here for the latest download

Fortunately, wjchen0 has worked with the developer of Siyah Kernel to add support for the SC-02C which is great news. All we need to do as install a ZIP file in recovery and it will add support for GPS. Since Samsung has not released ICS for the SC-02C yet we don't have any kernel source code so that means support for the 1Seg TV tuner is still impossible.

If you get stuck you can always restore your backup or flash the stock firmware on your device with the info here.

I am going to break this guide into two parts start with Part 1 if you are not rooted and running a stock ROM. If you are already rooted and running a non stock ROM go ahead and skip to Step2.

  • Download the latest CyanogenMod nightly for the GT-i9100 here
  • Download the Google Apps ZIP file for ICS here
  • Download wjchen0's GPS fix ZIP file here
  • Download the CyanogenMOD9 build.prop ZIP file here (here is the stock one if you need to revert to the stock one)
  • Download the latest Siyah Kernel from here (ZIP for CWM Recovery version)
  • Download the stock OMKL4 Modem from here
  • Read the last 10 pages of the kernel thread before proceding!! While 99.99999% of the time there are no major phone bricking problems it has happened before. 
  • Check the CyanogenMOD9 Nightly's change log to get an idea of what features may or may not be implemented.
  • Take note of your current APN settings under mobile networks -> Access Point Names

Part 1 (for non rooted users)
  • Download the 2.6.13 NTT version of Siyah kernel here and extract the TAR file
  • Download and install the command line version of Heimdall from here
  • Put the phone into download mode - First make sure the phone is not connected to USB. Next turn it off and turn it on while holding volume down and the home button and then connect the USB.
  • From the directory that you have extracted the Kernel to run the command heimdall flash --kernel zImage (use sudo if using a Linux system) the phone will then reboot and start up (it may be slow to boot up the first time).
  • Turn off the phone
  • Boot into recovery by holding "volume up" while powering it on
  • From recovery install the CM9-build.prop ZIP file
  • Reboot your phone
  • Power off your phone

Part 2 (for users who are already have a custom recovery installed or who have followed Step 1)
  • Remove your SIM card (in case the APN is not set correctly when you boot up)
  • Boot into recovery (power off your phone and then turn it on while holding "volume up")
  • Backup your phone from recovery! It is much easier to restore your phone from a backup than it is to re-install the factory firmware. 
  • Follow the official CyanogenMod guide to install CM9 via recovery (i.e., wipe, then install CM9)
  • Install the Google Apps ZIP
  • Install the Siyah Kernel ZIP file
  • Install when0's GPS fix ZIP file
  • Wipe the dalvik cache and reboot your phone.
  • After your phone boots connect to wireless and configure your Google account
  • Go into the wireless settings and disable data networks (so we can safely set the APN latter) if you have any questions about the various APN's listed there you can read up on them here
  • Power off your phone, insert your SIM card, reboot, configure your APN settings, and re-enable data usage.
  • Check System Settings -> About Phone and verify under baseband that the version is SC02COMKL4 if not install the "modem.bin" file you download the same way you installed the kernel in Part 1 but use the command "heimdall flash --modem modem.bin" (remember to use sudo if you are on Linux, or make sure that you command window is being run as Administrator if you are using Windows7/Vista)
  • There is a pretty nice tool in the Play Market called ExTweaks for configuring some of  Siyah kernel's more advanced options,you can download it from here .
  • Enjoy!!


  1. Is it possible to restore original version like ios

  2. yes, you can use Odin (I never use it though) or heimdal to reinstall the stock firmware with the command "heimdall flash --cache cache.img --factoryfs factoryfs.img --hidden hidden.img --modem modem.bin --param param.lfs --kernel zImage"

    you can download the firmware here https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B4z-U6zSyuryandFZk4zc00yeDQ

    Or it would be easier to restore your backup you made in "Step 2" from recovery and re-install the stock kernel using heimdall in step one or if you still want to stay rooted you can just restore your backup and keep siyah kernel installed with the stock ROM.

  3. ICS is up and running, but it will not connect to SPmode data network. I`ve rechecked the APN settings against my notes and the wiki here, confirmed the correct baseband, but no love. Any ideas?

  4. Have you tried restarting? Can you tell me exactly what you have for the APN settings? I have found that I needed to go to network operators select docomo reboot after that I could select my APN. I am using the mpr2.bizho.net. If you don't use spmode mail you can also use that one.

  5. I think we are having the same discussion on XDA as well. Sorry for cross posting ;-)

  6. Hi, just install this beautiful mod. Now the problem is all of my purchased app is not appear again, i have to buy them again. I cant understand the problem, i also have HTC G7, HTC G14, ASUS Transformer Prime and Dell Streak. They all working well????? what could be the problem???

  7. That's the problem. it shows up nothing under my apps, simply i have to buy them again. It's weird

  8. That is pretty strange, make sure you are properly signed into the Play Market, Maybe clear the app data for the play market and try again. Does it show on the online version? If not I would suggest you contact their support http://support.google.com/googleplay/bin/request.py?hl=en&policy=apps&contact_type=contact_policy

  9. Sounds like your account associated properly. From the menu button, you can display which account is active on the "play" market from the phone. Make sure it shows the correct account.

    As nicholas says, go to the market from a computer and check to see which phones are associated. Try and install a random app to your phone. Is it downloaded? Again, make sure you are signed in with the correct account.

  10. Thanks Zaphod. Been using your guides and advice on XDA for a long while now and only jsut got round to say thanks! Really appreciate your work on the SC-02C.
    Cheers mate!

  11. Great guide, and thank you so much for always making this kind of information available and accessible.

    I have a question about drive partitioning. I rooted the phone following an earlier guide of yours, using command line Heimdall on Ubuntu Linux. In your guide, it said that the command line version shouldn't do any unwanted formatting or partitioning.

    Since upgrading, the SD card in my phone doesn't show up when I connect by USB to my computer. I don't know if this is a partitioning issue, but it seems kind of strange.

    So I just wanted to check if there was anything about the rooting and upgrading process that might have caused a problem like this.

  12. weird, it wouldn't be partitioning but it might be some combination of ROM and kernel. what are you running right now?

    I know some of the older siyah kernels had some problems with USB storage. you may try wiping the cache and dalvik cache.

  13. Thanks for responding.

    I'm running:

    Kernel version 3.0.27-Siyah-v3.0.1-ntt
    Build number IMM76D
    Mod version 9-20120409-NIGHTLY-galaxys2
    Android version 4.0.4
    Model number GT-I9100

    I tried booting into recovery, wiping the cache and dalvik cache, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to have changed anything.

    If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. :)

  14. Under system -> storage -> USB computer connection> -> check the box for Mass storage.

    I am guessing you have it set as an MTP device.

    If that doesn't work I would suggest updating to the latest siyah and nightly of CM9. I think it was around the time of your build that they really started messing around with the mount points. They switched the way that the internal and external storage was mounted.

    Be sure to take a backup before you do though, some of the CM9 nightly's have given me a bit of trouble.

  15. Yeah, I already had the Mass Storage option selected, so I guess I need to upgrade and see if USB support has improved.

    Just wondering, though... since I'm already on a Siyah kernal and CyanogenMod ROM, do I have to do all of the items in your Part 2, and wipe everything and redo it all? Is there no upgrade option?

  16. At a minimum I would wipe the dalvik and system cache and reset the extweaks profile under the kernel options.

    You can install the CM9 update over the existing one but you might get some instability. I will usually do a full wipe and then restore a titanium backup over it. Otherwise some apps have issues or sometimes there are wakelocks that drain the battery.

  17. Thanks! Once again your advice comes through. I had to completely wipe all the system data in order for the changes to take effect, but now that I'm running the latest CM9, my USB connectivity is behaving as it should.

    Made a complete Titanium backup before, so the transition process wasn't so bad.

  18. Just a note - these new instructions don't include the compass fix from the last one, and I had the compass reversal problem. I don't know if that's supposed to be fixed with the kernels and ROMs available here, but these are the ones I used. It was simple enough to fix - I just installed the compass fix zip from the previous instructions. I just thought you might want to have that information here on this page too.

    Thanks as always for making all this information available!

  19. I tried following these steps but got stuck at the first step. When trying to flash Siyah-2.6.13 kernel using heimdall on the command line in Part 1, I get the error

    Initialising connection...
    Detecting device...
    ERROR: Failed to access device. libusb error: -12

    I've tried this running as Admin and not. Any ideas?

  20. I ran into another issue at this step:

    From recovery install the CM9-build.prop ZIP file

    After installing this file, my phone no longer boots. It shows a yellow triangle and then goes to a black screen. I can see the device with 'adb devices' and even connect to it with a shell, but it never comes up with the Android OS. Is this expected and should I just continue?

    I've gone back to the stock build.prop ZIP that is linked and it boots again, so I know I can recover.

  21. That's pretty strange as it has worked for others. All the build.prop zip does is replace the default with the cm9 one since cm9 installer checks the device id and the sc-02c isn't explicitly supported. If you are already running a different rom then that step shouldn't be needed.

  22. Thanks for the reply... I have only just now started trying to get ICS installed on my phone so I don't have a different rom or anything. Unless, when you say running a different rom, do you mean a different kernel? I did finally get the Siyah kernel to install with heimdall and that booted fine. It's only after I tried to install the CM9-build.prop linked above that there was an issue.

    I take it from your comment that the stock build.prop zip won't work. I will try to download the CM9 one again and give it another shot.

  23. Yep, system and dalvik cache wiped.

    And it's definitely the compass fix that kills the WiFi. I've specifically tested the Wifi before and after installing the compass fix a few times now, and it kills it every time.

    I guess maybe I can ask on the XDA forum... but it's pretty chaotic to me. It seems like there are so many specific threads and places for specific phones and ROMs, I can never figure out where the appropriate place to look for information or ask it is.

  24. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1126190 this is the specific sc02c one. There are a few active devs on that one and most are running a similar setup.

  25. by doing so will I get a unlock SC-02C ?

  26. no. that's separate and can only be done in a docomo shop in japan

  27. I ran into the same problems as Brian when trying to go from the stock Docomo ROM this morning. I ended up actually removing the assertion for GS2 version from the update script in the CM9 nightly build to install it. That allowed me install the nightly build, but it still just boots to the Docomo logo with the yellow triangle.

    I'm a bit confused about the instructions, too -- it says to reinstall the Siyah kernel twice. Is that really necessary?

    Additionally, are we supposed to install Clockwork Mod as indicated on the CM9 page? I'm really confused about what's supposed to be installed, what isn't supposed to be installed, and what doesn't work on the SC-02C. Right now I have a pretty useless phone.

  28. I'm not sure why but it seems that the link http://www.glassechidna.com.au/products/heimdall/ is not working.

  29. From recovery do a full data wipe and wipe the dalvik cache then install cm9 again. After installing cm9 make sure you install the ICS version of the siyah kernel to get GPS support. It sounds like you may be trying to boot with the gingerbread version of the kernel.

  30. I started with a stock Docomo GS II and I can't install CM9 at all. Even after installing the build.prop zip file, CM9 gives me a device assertion error. The only way I can try to install CM9 is to go in and manually remove the assertion from the script -- if I do that, it still doesn't install and instead crashes halfway through. This is what I did:

    1. Installed the latest version of the Siyah kernel (http://www.gokhanmoral.com/gm/2012/07/18/siyahkernel-s2-v3-4/) via Heimdall.
    2. Wiped all data, cache, and dalvik cache.
    3. Installed the build.prop file you linked.
    4. Failed to install CM9 (cm-9-20120726-NIGHTLY-galaxys2.zip) due to device version assertion.
    5. Verified the integrity of the zip file and tried to install again -- failed.
    6. Manually removed the assertion from the install script, tried to install, failed mid-install.

    Now my phone doesn't really do much at all other than boot to the Docomo logo with an error icon.

    The second time around, I:

    1. Downloaded and installed the 2.6.13 NTT version of the Siyah kernel.
    2. Installed Clockwork Mod Recovery as stipulated by the CM9 wiki (http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/Samsung_Galaxy_S_II:_Full_Update_Guide).
    3. Wiped user data, cache, dalvik cache.
    4. Attempted to install CM9 (cm-9-20120726-NIGHTLY-galaxys2.zip).

    My phone found the update package, opened the update package, and freezes at install. I let it go for about 35 minutes with absolutely no further messages/changes before I forced my phone to power off. After rebooting into recovery mode, I:

    1. Cleared user data, cache, and dalvik cache again.
    2. Attempted to install CM9 (cm-9-20120726-NIGHTLY-galaxys2.zip) again.

    It froze again, so I:

    1. Downloaded CM7 (http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/Latest_Version#Samsung_Galaxy_S_II).
    2. Copied it to my SD card.
    3. Cleared data, cache, dalvik cache.
    4. Selected CM7 for install.

    That install also froze. I don't really know what to do now.

  31. Okay, here's a guide for dumbasses.

    1. Download Heimdall 1.3.1 and extract it somewhere.
    2. Go to the Heimdall folder.
    3. Go to the drivers folder.
    4. Run Zadig.
    5. Go to Options, List All Devices.
    6. Turn off your phone.
    7. Hold Volume Down and Home while pressing Power to boot your phone.
    8. Press Volume Up to enter download mode.
    9. In Zadig, select Gadget Serial and install the driver. Windows may caution you about the driver authenticity -- install it anyway.
    10. Press win-r, type "cmd," hit enter.
    11. Go to the Heimdall folder.
    12. Download http://www.gokhanmoral.com/gm/2012/03/01/siyahkernel-2-6-13/ and extract zImage to your Heimdall folder.
    13. At the command prompt, type "heimdall flash --kernel zImage." It should work. if you get an "Error 7," check that you installed the driver in Zadig.
    14. Disconnect your phone and power it off.
    15. Download https://www.box.com/s/ee2d7b8842079503429f and place the zip file on an SD card, put it into your phone.
    16. Power on your phone while holding Volume UP and Home.
    17. In recovery mode, install a selected zip file from SD card -- select the zip file from step 15.
    18. After installation, power off your phone and take out the SD card again.
    19. Take out your SIM card.
    20. Download http://cmw.22aaf3.com/c1/recovery/recovery-clockwork- and put zImage in your Heimdall directory, OVERWRITING the old one.
    21. Download the latest nightly build (http://download.cyanogenmod.com/?device=galaxys2&type=nightly) and RENAME IT to update.zip. Put this on your SD card.
    22. Download the latest Siyah S2 Kernel from http://www.gokhanmoral.com/. Make sure that it's for the S2. This is NOT the same kernel as in step 12.
    23. [optional] Download the Google Apps (http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/Latest_Version#Google_Apps) and place the zip on your SD card.
    24. Put your SD card back in your phone and connect it to your computer.
    25. Boot your phone while holding Volume DOWN and Home.
    26. Press Volume Up to enter download mode.
    27. Go to your command prompt window and type "heimdall flash --kernel zImage." This will install Clockwork Mod Recovery on your phone.
    28. Disconnect your phone and power it on again, holding Volume UP and Home.
    29. Install update.zip. If that doesn't work, select it on your SD card. This will install CM9.
    30. Install the Google Apps zip from step 23 if you downloaded it.
    31. Install the Siyah Kernel zip file from step 22.
    32. Go back to the top menu of CWM Recovery and go to Advanced. Wipe the dalvik cache.
    33. Reboot your phone.
    34. Set up wifi settings and go through the setup procedures.
    35. Go to applications, system settings, phone information -- verify that the baseband device is SC02COMKL4. If it is NOT SC02COMKL4, go to Step A.
    36. Power off your phone and put your SIM card back in. You should be good to go.

    A. Download https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B4z-U6zSyuryMzk2NmQwNWMtNjE0NC00MjY0LWI5NDUtOGY2ODljMjkzNDcx to your Heimdall folder.
    B. Power off your phone.
    C. Power on your phone while holding Volume DOWN and Home.
    D. Press Volume Up to enter download mode.
    E. Connect your phone to your computer.
    F. At the command line, type "heimdall flash --modem modem.bin" to install the file from Step A to your phone.
    G. Reboot your phone and verify that the modem is SC02COMKL4.

  32. It looks like I spoke too soon. I have no mobile network access. The guide never said to record APN information until the page linked at the very end, so I don't have any of my APN information recorded. I thought about going back to stock in hopes of getting that information, but the stock rom link at http://www.japanmobiletech.com/2011/10/sc-02c-helpful-documentation-and-links.html is dead.

    I tried putting in the information from http://www.japanmobiletech.com/2011/04/docomo-access-point-names-apn.html -- namely, the APN name, APN, MCC, and MNC, but the option to use the APN remains greyed out. If I hit menu and try to save the information anyway, nothing comes up on the APN list. Resetting the list to default does nothing.

  33. I have followed the instruction on the guide but when on the part of "Installing update", it seems that it just stays there and says installing. Am I doing something wrong? It's stuck.

  34. Hi! What's your solution on the freezing installation part where it says "Installing update."? I got stuck there too... TIA.

  35. See the long guide I posted. You have to rename the rom to update.zip.

  36. Also:

    To use SP mode mail properly:
    1. Install the SP mode app from Google Play.
    2. Download http://www.mediafire.com/?w0qss0ouue2wurg and install.

    SP mode mail will now be pushed to your phone properly.

    To use Docomo emoji with the ATOK keyboard:
    1. Download http://ux.getuploader.com/xperiashogun/download/34/libemoji_docomo.so and place it in /system/lib/
    2. Use Root Explorer to open /system/build.prop
    3. At the very end of the file, add: ro.config.libemoji=libemoji_docomo.so
    4. Reboot your phone.

  37. Thanks for the response. Just a question, is the CM9 Build prop option needed? I don't see it in your guide. Thanks! Please see below.:
    From recovery install the CM9-build.prop ZIP file

  38. The "Galaxy_S Unlock" app by Helmoz from market _will_ unlock a rooted SC-02C.

    Just did so with a secondhand one I purchased today.

    Also these instructions basically work to install CM10 as well.

  39. I confirm. I too have just rooted/unlocked a 2nd hand SC-02C with the instructions from this site. Thanks Japanmobiletech!! Japanmobiletech>> perhaps you might like to update the post to reflect it is possible to unlock with helroz's tool. Only caveat I would offer is that Helroz's tool needs to be up-to-date. I tried with an older version first and it didn't work.


  40. I just unlocked/rooted with this method it works. I used Heimedall from the glassechidna link. What part of the process are you referring to when you say it gets stuck on "installing update"? Can you detail the steps you took?

  41. Usually rebooting after the initial install will fix that. Then if you are on pakihodai use mpr2.bizho.net otherwise add spmode.ne.jp APN if you need SPMODE email.

    It is pretty strange but I noticed the APN's don't show up until after the initial reboot.

  42. Is it possible to get the nandroid backup of a working ROM from you, guys?

    I'd greatly appreciate it.

    I'm stuck after installing the build.prop file. Just black screen
    I would want to try to use the default one but I can't load into the OS.
    Is there a way in heimdall to do that?

  43. "Since Samsung has not released ICS for the SC-02C yet we don't have any kernel source code so that means support for the 1Seg TV tuner is still impossible."

    Now that Samsung has released ICS for the SC-02C, there is any way to get 1SegTv working? The only thing I found in my search was a single post by wjchen0, but seens to not be working.

  44. can u plzzz upload a brieF video,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,please !! im new ?? dont know what to do??

  45. just use Odin. Does the same thing and is widely used.

  46. anyone know how to remove the docomo boot logo? I would like to replace it with the stock SGII logo.

  47. hi brotha !! have u done this cyanogenmod on galaxy s2 sc-02c ???

  48. hi brotha !! have you done this cyanogenmod on sc-02c???

  49. hi brotha!! have you done this cyanogenmod on galaxy s2 sc-02c???

  50. hi bro seriously i dont know whats happening!!
    the problem is that i want to unlock my sc-02c for free
    so i thought to root it.....but dont know how to this i have got all the files according to istruction......but dont know what to do???help please !!

  51. why no body reply???

  52. If you do not understand the directions then you shouldn't proceed. You should ask questions on the XDA thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1126190&page=183

  53. @ee8d57c57df1a08f50badd10bd46fb73:disqus
    so there will be any problem like gps+compass+wiffi........and there is achnce of brick or not
    buy the way i cant get heimdall.......so got it from google search engine thats ok!!

  54. @nicholasvilppu:disqus thnkx btw the website is to big to search............!! it sucks + hehehe i dont know whats my problem:D
    oh yes do you know where can i get insecure kernal for sc-02c......plzzzz help ??

  55. @nicholasvilppu:disqus btw i have ICS 4.0.3 on my sc-02c officialy updated........just want insecure kernal for it....help please!!??

  56. hi scott. . .i've followed all your instruction but i'm stuck in Step 2 . . . I've read many guides . . . my phone is like an expensive paper weight right now . . can you help me?

  57. GOOD DAY BRO I'm having a problem w/ my samsung s2 SC-02C about charging. but before when i was in gingerbread its perfectly working, and after I upgraded my s2 to ICS its not working now.

    KERNEL VERSION: 3.0.15-SC02COMLPL-CL8871910SE.INFRA@sei-47 #3


  58. i just root my galaxy s2 put costume firmware but finally just going to reboot any solution please its jp docomo galaxy sc-02c

  59. Sorry to comment on such an old post. I am trying to root my sc-02c. I don't want cyanogenmod or custom kernels or anything like that. All I want is root. Is there some stock kernel+flash that I could just flash on there? Thanks in advance.

  60. My Nexus 5 got wet so I used my E-mobile sim with the SC-02c :) I had to 3D print an adapter^^