Saturday, July 21, 2012

B-mobile TalkingSIMs will no longer have cancellation fees

In March, Softbank Mobile introduced ridiculous incentives to lure customers from other carriers, giving away as much as ¥70,000 cash back. JCI was forced to implement a ¥10,500 cancellation fee on it's line of voice SIMs, which previously carried no usage contract. There were cases of the same person starting service on as many as 5 SIM cards only to immediately port the numbers to Softbank.

Now that things have returned to normal - or as close to normal as the mobile phone biz gets in Japan - JCI will remove all cancellation fees on TalkingSIMs activated from 7/23/2012. SIMs activated between 3/20/2012 and 7/22/2012 will retain the 1-year contract and cancellation fee.
Now that unreasonable number porting incentives are no longer a problem, JCI will return to our original policy of offering voice SIMs with no minimum contract period from Monday, July 23.
This does not apply to partnership SIMs, such as the Aeon SIMs.

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