Monday, July 16, 2012

Samsung Galaxy SII (SC-02C) update still suspended

After receiving the update to ICS, some handsets began experiencing persistent keyboard force closures that made text input virtually impossible. Clearing the data for the keyboard application (Samsung日本語キーパッド) may alleviate the problem.
この度、「GALAXY SII SC-02C」において、Android4.0へOSバージョンアップを実施後、一部の端末において、キーボードが強制終了し文字入力ができない事象が発生する場合があることが判明いたしました。
Updates began rolling out on 7/3 and were halted the next day. For the current update status, check the official update page. It is currently still listed as "temporarily suspended" (一時中断). There is no ETA for when a fix will be ready. Once this happens, the status should change to something along the lines of 再開 (resumed).

Here, we've received no reports of flakey keyboards specifically with updated handsets. Instead, we're hearing of general instability compared to the previous Gingerbread OS.


  1. Haven't noticed anything wrong with the keyboard on mine, but it has started to freeze more often generally and apps crash a lot more. don't know if this is docomo's fault or samsung's but its bit poor after we waited so long.

  2. after update too many problems..keep on crashing and too slow to operate.

  3. This is a bit disheartening. It's been 3 weeks since the "official" release, yet my SC-02 sits Ice Cream Sandwich-less. Time to switch carriers/handsets?