Friday, September 7, 2012

Alimo, the worst Android tablet in Japan

I visited Yodobashi Akiba yesterday for the first time in a while and was totally surprised to see the large number of Android tablets on the market now, of all shapes and sizes from 7 inches all the way up to 13. Unfortunately, quality (and price) is all over the board, as are the versions. On the same shelf were four 7-inch tablets, each running a different Android. Included were Froyo (2.2), Gingerbread (2.3), Honeycomb (3.2) and ICS (4.0).

Of these, the most expensive was this monstrosity from IO Data. The alimo IAT-PSR701 costs ¥30,000, and it's the one that's running 2.2! Not only that, it has an 800 MHz processor, and only 512 MB of both RAM and memory. It weighs nearly half a kilogram. On the positive side, it includes a full-size USB port and HDMI output.

I was limited in the quality of photo I could surreptitiously snap, but perhaps you can see that it has this super fat base that tapers upward, making the back triangular so that it will stand on it's own. Think of it like a badly engineered kickstand that can't be retracted. I guess the point is to use Skype with the crappy front-facing camera, or be able to turn on the pet watching mode so you can keep track of your dog while away (assuming the dog doesn't move).

Even better, it has this TV remote control mode, but the screen flips in upside down and doesn't seem to  support autorotate. So the remote can only be used in one orientation - laying down on a table. (Granted, this could be due to the positioning of the IR transmitter.)

While this isn't the worst android tablet ever, considering the price point, I'd have to say it's pretty darn close. I snagged a staff member and asked I was had missed something. Did have one seg? water proofing? some super galapagos feature? Nope. Basically it was a total failure and has already been discontinued. The maker didn't want to drop the price, but asked to just leave it on the shelf as is, in hopes that someone - anyone - might actually buy one.

Compared to the others, though, it had one redeeming quality. Licensing to the Android Play Store Market (version is to low to access Google's newest online store). Every other tablet lacked that, meaning they include a third party market app with very little app content.


  1. Great video of Alimo android tablet, which shared here, This tablet is much better than the other because Its features are nice processor, runs on android V2.2, long battery life, 512 MB RAM and large internal memory, etc. It is a very cheaper than other.

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