Sunday, September 23, 2012

iOS 6 issues with data-only SIMs

JCI has announced that iOS 6 is causing their lack of signal bars with their data-only SIMs. This is a common problem due to the way Docomo decided to produce the data-only SIMs. They lack a circuit switch component. There are work arounds for Android. It may be possible to do something similar with iOS, but we here focus on Android and have no idea.

Data works just fine. The problem, as described by a commenter, is that services that require a data connection shut down because the phone thinks it has no data connection. This will effect all MVNOs using Docomo's network, including b-mobile.

If you have a working iPhone with iOS 5 and a b-mobile data-only SIM, it might be a bad idea to upgrade. Voice+data SIMs work just fine.


  1. Is it confirmed that the b-mobile platinum + Talking is working? I have data-only b-mobile platinum at the moment and my iPhone 4 with iOS 6 isn't working correctly.

  2. Is it confirmed that the b-mobile Platinum + Talking is working? I have a data-only b-mobile Platinum at the moment with my iPhone 4 IOS 6 and it's not working correctly.

  3. Is this really an iOS 6 thing? I had the same thing happen last year on an iPhone 3GS with iOS 5, and this year with a 4S on iOS 5 as well. I thought it just game with the territory of the iPhone being unsupported on docomo.

  4. Just wanted to add to this in case anyone was wondering. I bought a 6 month unlimited card (4G speeds for 1GB a month, after that reduced to 150kbps). This can be bought here: or Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara.

    This is on an unlocked iPhone 4 running 6.1.3 . Yes, the "no service" status message shows, in spite of the Carrier entry in the settings being shown as NTT DOCOMO. However, contrary to what others have said, the only thing that doesn't work is iMessage. Skype, Google Maps and Facebook Messenger work perfectly with push notifications and the service is generally speedy. For iMessage, I intend to jailbreak and run my3G, so the phone thinks its permanently connected to wifi (iMessage has no problems in WiFi areas). I will let you know if this works. But for now, this is more than adequate and I haven't even begun to use anywhere near the 1GB of high speed. I would recommend this SIM, but your mileage may vary.