Friday, September 7, 2012

Lack of Google Play Store on cheap Android tablets

Google Play is not available on this model.
Sitting next to the abysmal alimo were three other tablets that looked much more attractive, had much higher specs and Android versions, and were less expensive. All of these were made by either relatively unknown makers, or makers who are known for making other types of products, such as displays. All were relatively well priced, but if/when Google drops the Nexus 7 in Japan, these guys will be crushed.

However, on the software side, the tablets have a huge problem. None have licensed the Google Play Store. A third party app store called the Tapnow Market is preloaded. It may be possible to side load the Play Store app, but I wouldn't count on it working 100% correctly.

Don't expect any of these tablets to be updated.

The Tapnow Market app icon mimics the old Google Market app icon, it uses the same colors and general look, and even has the same name. The content in the Tapnow Market  is very limited. I searched for each of the 53 apps loaded onto my phone. Of those 53, I only found 1, wifi analyzer.

Partial list of cheap tablets in Japan with no Play Store access:


  1. Even relative junk like my 8000 yen-delivered-from-china-in-4-days Ainol Paladin (now running Jellybean) runs better than these.

  2. This one is a dual core cpu quard core gpu model, maybe the fastest low price one out there

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