Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yappari - Softbank announces tethering from 2013

My original thoughts were that Softbank Mobile had no choice but to offer tethering. Then, upon reading the issues listed by their Chief Technology Officer, it seemed highly unlikely that tethering would come any time soon.

A few moments ago, Softbank announced that tethering will be available from January 15, 2013. I'm currently hearing via twitter that the terms will be identical to AU's: ¥525 per month with the first two years free. Subscribers will be limited to 7 GB. Once the free period ends, an additional 500 MB will be added to the 7 GB cap. Application for waived tethering fees open from 9/12/2012 to 12/31/2012.

UPDATEPDF of press release.

This is indeed consistent with what the CTO previously said:
Regarding whether it would be possible to allow tethering with the 7 GB data cap, Miyakawa indicates that it is likely but needs to be carefully considered. His most ideal scenario would be an additional tethering charge.
Let's not forget how the CTO was basically against this, so it will be interesting to see how it effects network capacity. Basically, they don't have the capacity to spare for it but they've got no choice. They're already facing a dilemma in the Shinagawa to Shinjuku area, where they don't know where the capacity will come from to remove a 3G Channel to dedicate to LTE.

According to CTO Miyakawa:

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  1. I have been pondering about getting one of the bMobile's cards for a long time and was now just about the bite the "OCN Mobile Entry d" offer to get FOMA Wi-Fi for 2.460 a month when I read about this. Now I do not know what to do anymore. My trusty HTC Desire is about to give up and I unfortunately will need to replace it soon so with the new phone I would be able to use tethering for free (?). The 7G limit will be more than enough for me, but getting the FOMA would allow me to drop the Wi-Fi router on the car for the kids to connect their iPods even when I am not there. Decisions, decisions...