Friday, October 12, 2012

Nikkei: MIC reconsidering Softbank's platinum band allocation

The Nikkei is reporting that the MIC will reconsider whether the spectrum allocations of a newly-merged Softbank Mobile and eAccess are appropriate. Perhaps this is amakudari alive and well, and a few bureaucrats are guaranteeing themselves post-retirement positions at Docomo or KDDI? Come on, Emobile has a more unfair allocation than SBM. Put the two together, and they still don't beat KDDI in size.

Reading though some comments collected from 2ch, there is question as to whether the Nikkei is up to something, as apparently, the MIC had previously indicated there would be no issues. Indeed, this story was dropped by the Nikkei prior to the close of the stock markets, and we've already seen a huge drop in SBM share price today, prior to this story.


  1. The drop is probably more related to the story about Sprint...
    Buying Sprint won't really bring any interesting savings or equivalent to Softbank.

  2. Most certainly.

    I was saying on top of the drop, before the markets close, the Nikkei dropped this story, which would certainly add to the bad day SBM is having.

  3. Will this go anywhere? or will it just impact stocks with no real benefit to eMobile?