Saturday, November 24, 2012

Updating the Fujitsu Arrows Tab to ICS

I've now updated both the NTT Docomo LTE version (F-01D) and the Wifi-only version (FAR7). As far as I can tell, there is nothing but goodness that comes with this. Mobile Chrome has grown far beyond the default Android browser but requires version 4 (ICS) or higher. Google Maps was previously very unstable, often force quitting. In the short time after updating, I've tried but been unable to crash it (yet). Zooming, rotating, displaying multiple layers all work much better than before.

Best of all, the ability to disable system apps has not been removed by either Fujitsu or Docomo! Finally, I don't have to stare out a bunch of useless installers for crap I'd never use!

There are two methods for updating:
  • Either download the update package via a PC and copy to the internal or SD card storage
  • Do it all over wifi from the tablet.
Since I was updating two of these, I did both. For the Docomo F-01D, I first downloaded the update package. For the Wifi-only FAR7, I did it all from the tablet. Each of these require downloading a an updater app (apk).


  • Confirm that you have at least 1.5 GB free on either the internal memory or SD card
  • Use the default android browser and visit the Fujitsu site at:
(NOTE: that if you visit this site from a PC, you'll only be able to download the update package, not the android app that actually performs the update.)

  • Click the 「OSバージョンアップデートダウンロードページへ」button, then on the next page, scroll down to the bottom and click agree 「同意する」after which the updater apk will be automatically downloaded. First install, then run the updater app, making sure you have 1) 50% battery (at least) and 2) enabled sideloading of applications.
  • Follow the directions and make sure you keep the tablet on a power source.
Engrish. I was presented with this because I pre downloaded the update package.

See below for a screenshot of the same in Japanese.

Wifi-only FAR7

This one can be updated with less trouble because the updater app can be downloaded from a PC and installed on the tablet from this link:

Scroll down and select  the link to download the apk, and if you have adb enabled, install it with the command, adb install FAR7_SWUpdater04.apk. From there, the process is the same. Note that you can also download the update package in advance and copy that over, but that is more hassle.

The wifi version has often had these errors with I guess at some point I need to look into that because it's obviously not yet fixed.

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