Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Softbank pushes advertisements to iPhone 5s over emergency warning system

EMERGENCY! The direction of your marriage depends on you,
the newly wed experience in a game. (Via twitter.)
Anyone who was around during and after 3/11/2011 would be familiar with these alerts. Upon arrival, any silent/manner mode settings are overridden and all phones in the vicinity start simultaneously squawking this annoying, swept-frequency alert that has come to be associated with an impending earthquake that may or may not be the "big one".

There has been an issue with Softbank iPhone 5s receiving advertisements for marriage role playing games, news of an ANA commuter flight overrunning a runway, and an announcement that pitcher Shuhei Ohtani signed with the Nippon Ham Fighters.

Well. I guess some of that might be important.

It's not yet clear exactly what is going on behind this. According to what I can gather from the wrong side of a paywall, Softbank is apparently saying that they are not sending these messages. It is my understanding that the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) pushes these, and they are then relayed through the carriers and broadcasters. It has to be a problem on Softbank's side.

The No! Softbank blog has been collecting these.

EMERGENCY! Asahi Shimbun extra edition:
Ishinomaki East high school pitcher Shuhei Ohtani to sign with Nippon Ham! (via twitter.)
Emergency! Asahi Shimbun extra edition:
ANA flight overruns runway at Shonai Airport. Stops in grass. No injuries.

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  1. Did they offer up their opinions why people on other carriers weren't ducking and covering when a kid was signed with a sports team?