Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Redesign our logo, get an INGRESS invite

Are you looking for an invite for Ingress? Got creative skills? Well, we're looking for a new logo and we've got a couple of Ingress invites to give away.

We'd like to improve the look of Japan Mobile Tech, so we're soliciting submissions for a new logo. Or a new header image. Or both. Maybe even some backgrounds for sidebars divs.

Whatever you like.

We're really just looking for a means to give away these invites and think the old "retweet / share / like" contests are dumb.


  1. If we use your submission, we'll give you an invite.
  2. Even if we don't use your submission, we may still give you an invite (if we have enough).
  3. Submissions must be 1) original work or 2) derivates of work with appropriate licensing.
  4. Our selection criteria is entirely subjective and not at all based on the overall artistic merit of any particular submission.
  5. Selection for use by JMT grants us license to use and create derivates of the work.
  6. We retain no license of work that we do not select to use. We will not use it later for some other purpose.
  7. This is provided with no warranty or guarantees at all.
  8. If you receive an invite you are free to play as enlightenment or resistance, but note that all contributors to JMT are resistance, and all (except some guy named Sven) of those in our G+ communities are also resistance.

    Choose wisely.

Send submissions to ingress-invite at japan mobile tech .com

Design Criteria

For the most part, we have no idea what we want, and have never felt like putting in the effort to figure it out, so that's the reason that this site looks the way it does.
  • Do as much or as little as you like. Limit it to a new logo, or add in header artwork or sidebar backgrounds if you like. Submitting more does not necessarily increase your chances of being given an invite, though we expect to have more than one invite to give away, so we hope to be able to reward those who submit good work, even if we don't use it.
  • Overused images/artwork of Mt. Fuji, samurai, the Japanese flag, etc., are unlikely to be selected, unless they're just really darn good.
  • JMT is now most focused on carriers, mobile technology (not limited to Android, though that is a primary focus, we also consider other platforms), and communications technology in Japan.
  • We are NOT looking for ingress themed artwork.
  • Our sidebar is currently 310 pixels, and the main div is fluid with a maximum width of 1600 pixels (to make viewing this post easier).
  • We prefer fluid main divisions.
  • Having the layered PSD (or whatever) files will allow us to best adapt the artwork to any future layout changes.
On the subject of ingress and website design, see here for Ingress artwork usage guidelines:


  1. Submitted 2 simple logos, both of which took like 5 minutes maximum. I do believe it is effective.
    GL to all, too!

  2. Damn. Only saw this now. Is this still going?