Sunday, March 17, 2013

B-Mobile Smart SIMs

This line up of data-only LTE SIM cards is available from Amazon, Yodobashi, and direct from JCI. Each supports Turbo Charge. Billing is monthly recurrent via credit card (post paid). There are three products:
  • ¥980: 150 kbps, unlimited (no streaming)
  • ¥1,980: LTE/3G speed, 1GB
  • ¥2,980: LTE.3G speed, 2GB
The upfront cost is ¥3,150 for the JCI version, but may vary slightly for the Amazon and Yodobashi versions. The is the cost for the unactivated SIM card "package". After exceeding the gigabyte limit, speed is reduced to 150 kbps for the remainder of the billing cycle.


  1. Would you recommend these sims for a Nexus 7?

    Love the site. Very informative.

  2. Very informative. A1015