Friday, August 9, 2013

Disable "unplug charger" notification on Docomo Xperia A SO-04E

Every time the Xperia A is unplugged from a charger, an ecologically conscience and thoroughly annoying notification pops up, reminding you to "unplug from socket to save energy".

To make it stop, go to Settings > apps > all, rotate your phone to landscape mode so that longer names are fully displayed, and scroll down to com.sonyericsson.unplugchargerreminder

Either disable it outright or just uncheck the "shown notifications" option, and of course don't forget to unplug your chargers from the wall.


  1. Too bad that Samsung doesn't make it so easy with the S4. Ugh.

  2. I'd like to know if we should even be unplugging phones and tablets when they get fully charged.

    The "Battery Mix" app shows that my phone cools down as soon as it is fully charged, so there is some smart management going on there. The current draw from the AC adapter does come down.

    And if I unplug it, then I have to replug it before I go out again. Isn't this unnecessarily shortening the life of my battery? Lithium batteries, even LiPoly, only have the equivalent of 200 or so full recharge cycles, right?

    I'm guessing the reason phones and tablets encourage us to unplug the charger is to lessen the chances of a malfunction causing the battery to overcharge and explode. If that is the issue, then that is what we should be talking about and not just saving a tiny bit of electricity . . .

  3. The notification comes up not when charging finishes, but when you take the phone of the charger. It's to remind you not to leave the charger plugged in with nothing connected.

  4. The Lithium batteries count one full discharge and recharge as a cycle so dropping 5% and then recharging it counts as 5% of one cycle.

  5. Ah, got it. That is just what you said in the article. I'd never seen that. Thanks for the clarification.

  6. Yes, that was my impression. So, 2,000 incidents of a 10% usage would be the same as 200 full discharge-recharge cycles. I can easily do a half-dozen such cycles per day if I uncharged every time my Galaxy Note told me to. That would add up to 200 full cycle-equivalents in just one year.

    SBS corrected me in the other comment here about the article not being about disconnecting the phone from the charger, but on this point of doing just that, if the phone is not drawing power through the battery while the charger is plugged in, it would seem to be the way to go. Leave your phone connected to the charger while at your desk.

    On my prior phone, though, the Xperia X10, Battery Mix showed that even while connected and fully charged, there was a repeated 100% down to 95% back up to 100% series of charge cycles. It seems the ROM Sony had for that phone did draw current from the battery regardless of the presence of a charger only recharging when the battery level fell below 95%.

  7. yea, I think a lot of phones do that these days, I tend to not worry about it too much and just replace the battery if it gets too old. Although I have always had phones with replaceable batteries. If I had an iPhone or HTC One I might be a little more concerned about it.