Friday, September 13, 2013

NTT Docomo iPhone pricing, discount plans announced

The Docomo iPhone site is now live. Pre orders started from 4 pm today.

Docomo is offering up to 3 years of waived base fees, which typically costs ¥780 per month, along with an approximate ¥1,000 discount on the data plan for people port a number (MNP) from another carrier. This brings the minimum cost for those who qualify down to ¥4,725. Existing customers will pay about ¥6,500 per month. Docomo will also buy your Softbank or AU iPhones for up to ¥20,000 (in docomo points).

The price of the cheapest iPhone (16GB 5C) is less than the total subsidy such that an additional ¥525 is deducted from the monthly cost. This means the absolute cheapest monthly cost for an iPhone from Docomo is ¥4,200.

Here are a list (pdf) of important service roll out dates: Available from August 20. sp mode mail and related services from October 1. D marker services will mainly become available within October (like d hits, d shopping d video, etc.). Docomo's subscription music service will actually (surprise surprise) be available, but is not scheduled to start until December.

NOTTV, decoration mail, osaifu-keitai, DCMX mini and Docomo's integrated contacts will not be available.

Basic Fees

  • Base voice fee: ¥780
  • ISP (sp mode): ¥315
  • Data: ¥ 5,460
Total: ¥6,555


Here is the list of discounts for people switching from other carriers.
  • Docomo Best Switch Student Discount: Base voice fee waived for 3 years, ¥1,050 data discount (requires MNP)
  • Docomo Welcome Back Discount: Base voice fee waived for 2 years (requires MNP; must have previously been a Docomo customer)
  • Docomo Best Switch Discount: Base voice fee waived for 1 year (requires MNP).
  • Docomo iPhone trade in Program: 1,000 docomo points per month for up to 20 months (requires MNP)
    • iPhone 5: 20 months (64 GB), 18 months (32 GB), 16 months (16 GB)
    • iPhone 4S: 10 months (64 GB), 8 months (32 GB), 6 months (16 GB)
    • iPhone 4: 5 months (32 GB), 4 months (16 GB), 3 months (8 GB)
    • iPhone 3GS: 2 months
    • iPhone 3G: 1 month
As usual, the deal is not nearly as nice, for existing loyal customers:
iPhone upgrade plan: ¥420 discount per month offsetting the cost of a 16 GB 5s or 32 GB 5c to zero yen
  • Plus iPhone discount: Base voice fee waived for 1 year, data cost of ¥4,935 for one year if you carry an i-mode feature phone AND an iPhone.


  1. any news regarding iPhone unlocking in docomo?

  2. Well, that's good but I'd rather get the availability date for the new Xperia Z1.

    It's also not clear if the iPhone 5S is managed as a Cross-i device. The voice plan on cross-i is very expensive (no plan, in fact, just a high price per minute), so seeing it decrease on the iPhone would mean potential good news for other customers.

    Anyway, this iPhone madness is going to be pretty annoying for a while. Hopefully the japanese customers evolve like the european ones and don't give into the crazyness.