Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to add this site as a Chrome search engine

A nice feature of chrome is being able to add custom search engines. Once added, begin typing the name of the site, then hit tab and continue typing your search terms. We use this all the time as a quick way to find information on this site because we lack a master index or FAQ post.

(If anyone knows our content better than us, we’d be forever grateful for help compiling a list of frequently asked questions about mobile in Japan with a simple list of links to posts with answers.)

1. From Chrome settings, under search select “Manage search engines…”. You’ll probably see a number of sites that have (somewhat annoyingly) added themselves already.

2. In the boxes below, add a nickname for the site (we used “JMT”), the keyword to bring up the search option (we used “”), then the following URL:

3. Hit done

Begin typing the keyword, then hit tab.

Type your search term.


  1. Why not create a small forum for all things mobile in Japan? Might be better adapted than a blog for those FAQs, and there might be a nice small market to grab. Xda is too big when we need something Japan-specific.

  2. I like this idea a lot.