Sunday, November 10, 2013

Potential fix for 3G data and Nexus 5

UPDATE:Nope, doesn't work: "The patch only makes the phone think it's registered so it doesn't really have any effect on the network level. One thing I noticed is that it tries to register with MNC=215, not idea where that comes from..."

Over on oov's blog, he has a post on the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 (kit kat) data-only SIM cell standby [J]. He has found another bug in Android 4.4 that is related to (apparently) incorrect mobile signal reporting. With an LTE data-only (not a data+voice) SIM, the signal bars are properly displayed in the notification bar, but cell standby shows a relatively high percentage of total battery consumption and the phone reports the time without a signal as 100%.

However, this just appears to be an issue with display only, because the phone does have a signal, it doesn't get hot, and the battery drain is not unexpectedly high.

He's created a patch for it and is looking for someone with a 3G SIM or 3G-only mobile contract to test to see if the patch also fixes the problem with 3G networks (bug here). This is all manually done right now because there is no Xposed installer for Android 4.4.


You will to have adb and fastboot setup on a computer and you will need to unlock the Nexus 5's bootloader, and flash a custom recovery, and then decompile and recompile jar classes.
  1. Boot in to fastboot by holding volume down and the power button, connect to your PC with USB, type:
    fastboot oem unlock
    then confirm on the phone. This will do factory reset on your phone, wiping everything. Google for "adb backup" if you want to backup some of your stuff (assuming it works on the N5).
  2. Reboot the phone, then disable MTP and enable USB debugging.
  3. Reboot in fastboot and flash the teamwin recovery with:
    fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-n.n.n.n-hammerhead.img
  4. Boot into recovery and mount the system partition.
  5. Pull a the following files to your pc to create a backup:
    adb pull /system/framework/telephony-common.jar
    adb pull /system/framework/telephony-common.odex

    then delete the odexed file
    adb shell rm /system/framework/telephony-common.odex
  6. Download and start up Baksmali / Smali Manager.
  7. Enter 0 -> f -> telephony-common.jar (which pulls this file from the phone).
  8. Enter 5 -> 1 to set the current project file to telephony-common.jar.
  9. Enter 1 -> x -> Y
  10. Open com/android/internal/telephony/ServiceStateTracker.smali in a text editor and search for:
    and on the following line change:
    if-nez to if-eqz
    then save and close the file
  11. Return to Baksmali / Smali Manager and enter 2 -> N to recompile the jar classes with the patched file
  12. Finish with 3 -> Y -> f -> R and the phone will reboot.
This should fix the display issue, but what happens with a 3G contract?


  1. Is this "3G not working" for Japan Nexus 5s only? What about imported Nexus 5s? I have an imported one on the way, and am willing to try the test above when it arrives in a couple days. The instructions are fairly straight forward, but is it a one way thing...i.e. I want to run stock Nexus in the long run.


    Added this bug report link. It's widely reported for the "non north american" version, but no reports from users of the other sku. Presumably, it's s software issue and your phone will have the same problem.

    The workaround is to not get a 3G contract, but to sign up for LTE.

  3. I just tried it out...

    It works for the 4g signal problem, but unfortunately no dice on the 3g issue.

  4. I didn't take away from the posts here that there was a problem with 4G (LTE). Can you explain please? Is there any known solution with Bmobile or another NMVO that doesn't require a 2 year commitment? So far, I see Docomo Xi LTE contract as the only known working solution.

  5. The problem is just incorrect reporting of battery usage. There is no actual problem with 4G. Most all of bmobile sims are now LTE, not 3G, so they will work. Just make sure to get Lte sim

  6. "However, this just appears to be an issue with display only, because the phone does have a signal, it doesn't get hot, and the battery drain is not unexpectedly high."

    With this in mind, is the Bmobile "cell standby" patch still required (when Xposed is updated for 4.4)?

  7. In my case, moperaU APN was selected automatically when I booted the phone up for the first time. I guess Arturo had already made some changes which kept the automatic setting from working.

  8. Having switched from SGS4 to N5. Is it any additional charges if I used data tethering to other devices?? Thanks in advance

  9. Will it work with Softbank 3G?

  10. Quick summary
    - Docomo may have blocked LTE-non compatible SIM card
    - your contract would be 3G, but SIM could be either 3G or LTE compatible >> then you can use it on N5
    - if your SIM is 3G only >> no luck, you need to get a new SIM (micro sim) and you may need to change contract to XI as well
    - *#*#456.... thing does not work even with 3G only SIM
    - preferred network option is only UI issue. You don't actually need to care about it.

    Simply, 3G only SIM card itself is not compatible with N5.

  11. Apparently this issue has been solved with the 4.4.2 update that has started rolling out from today!!

  12. so we know that the nexus works with data and calls but is it able to be used for tethering through docomo?

  13. yes of course. Any problems with docomo and tethering are with their stock ROMs after unlocking and using it on another carrier. Or using their stock ROM with an MVNO SIM. This is because the stock ROM changes the APN when tethering is activated and there is no way to change that behavior.

  14. Arturo Javier Garza CortezFebruary 10, 2014 at 7:53 PM

    I think it was docomo problem because i have to make the Mopera registration 2 times, the 2nd one Works toally on Automatic

  15. Arturo Javier Garza CortezFebruary 10, 2014 at 7:55 PM

    Cero problems men, you can use the wifi hotspot without problem, just go to settings ;)

  16. are you selling the s4??? if a good price and good condition I'm interested. please email me

  17. are you selling the s4??? please email me

  18. still have the s4, selling??

  19. you don't need to ask on every post, he will get a notification.

  20. Yes, contact me personally here: syahirul(at)

  21. Hi, I'd like to try using an unlocked phone with the sim card from my Xi phone. I was wondering
    if after subscribing to Mopera U while keeping sp-mode, I can swap the sim card back and forth between the two handsets as I wish, or if special care must be taken? Also, when I tried applying for Mopera U on MyDocomo website, only Mopera U standard is displayed, but not Mopera U light. Does anyone know why?

  22. Hi there,
    I just arrived to Japan with a Nexus 5 (the rest-of-the-world model), and I'm wondering if I should subscribe to Docomo with a Xi service and then Mopera U as described here, or if there is an easier way (maybe with another japanese company) for which I would have nothing to do to make my Nexus5 work here ?
    Thanks in advance.

  23. Hello,

    I was wondering if the Nexus 5's native tethering capabilities are allowed with Docomo, or do you need to pay an extra fee to use tethering?

  24. Yes, it is allowed assuming that you are using mopera APN.

  25. I have an unlocked US T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 that I am using it with Docomo in Tokyo (as of yesterday). The data speed I'm getting is very slow: averaging 1.6 Mbps down and .5 Mbps up. Is there anything I can do to improve my data speeds?

    I am using moperaU APN. (Initially, data didn't work at all on my S5, but after a little fiddling with the APN, a Docomo employee got it to work.) Are there any settings I can change on my phone? Finally, if I bought a Docomo branded Android phone, would my data speed be better?


  26. Here is my experience (as of 2015-03-21).

    I have successfully switched to MoperaU Standard Plan recently using the My DoCoMo website (the design layout has changed from what's being described in the link so it's better to utilize ctrl+f to find the desired menu items).

    However, when trying to cancel SP Mode from the website, I got error 30380. I called the hotline in order to sort things out. I was told that the DCMX Mini service needs SP Mode to operate. For the uninitiated, this is the service that allows you to use your phone as an e-wallet for electronic purchases at POS and elsewhere. If you're using that, you will have to keep the SP Mode. Since I have never used the service, I told the support person to remove both the DMCX Mini and SP Mode services.

    I also requested a change to MoperaU Lite Plan. I was told that only FOMA (3G) subscriptions support to this plan. Xi (LTE) subscriptions cannot have this plan. I guess this explains why it's absent from the website.