Monday, July 14, 2014

Pepsi × Google × 7-Eleven: ¥100 redeem code for Play Store

pepsi NEX Zero & pepsi special
¥100 code present with purchase at 7-11
Google is currently running a promotion at 7-Eleven (in Japan only) and Pepsi (both the Pepsi NEX Zero and Pepsi Special):

Their 7-Spot Wi-Fi is good too.
From July 7th to October 31st, PET bottles at 7-Eleven Japan will include a redemption code for ¥100 on their caps. Peel off the sticker on the cap and you're get a code that you can redeem either from within the Play store app(s) on by redeeming at the Play Store at Google's web site.

If you're not a big fan of credit cards, you can also purchase redeem codes denominated in yen at 7-Eleven and most other Japanese convenience stores.

iOS Metro icon
Apple users are not left out
You can use the ¥100 to purchase anything that you would normally purchase from the Play Store. Obviously iOS / Apple iPhone and iPad users won't be able to use Android apps, but Apple users can purchase music, books, and video from the Google Play store.

A warning about currency and credits in app stores

Google Play does not allow you to mix currencies or the "locale" of an account from one country to another country (for example, from Japan to U.S.) until almost everything (not just the billing address and the credit cards) associated with a certain country is unassociated with the account.

Google wallet logo
A fancy name for storing your Play Store balance & cards
Because there's no way to "throw away" money credit associated with your Google Play account, you have to spend MOST of the money accumulated by your account before you can switch your "Google Wallet" to another country by changing your Home Address. Your balance needs to be below these amounts:
  • USD - $10 
  • AUD - A$10 
  • CAD - C$10 
  • GBP - £10 
  • EUR - €10 
  • JPY - ¥1000 
  • KRW - ₩10000 
  • HKD - HK$100 
  • MXN - Mex$100 
  • CHF - CHF10 

What exactly are these "special" soft drinks anyway?

厚生労働省許可 特定保健用食品
"Approved by the MHLW
as a Designated Health Use Food/Drink"
Both of these versions of Pepsi are zero calorie versions. If you don't know what the "Special" is, it is one of the series of drinks in Japan marked as トクホ {tokuho}, which is shorthand for 特定保健用食品 {tokutei hoken-yō shokuhin} (food and drink specially recognized for health care use) because it has デキストリン {dekisutorin} (dextrin), which is recognized by the 消費者庁 {shōhisha-chō} (CAA; Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan) as being scientifically proven to decrease blood glucose levels and reduce the absorption of fat; in other words, reducing digestion (「脂肪の吸収を抑える」 {"shibō no kyūshū o osaeru"}). There are a bunch of drinks in Japan advertising this and it's mark. Pepsi NEX's biggest competitor is probably Kirin Mets Cola.

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