Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NTT Docomo to remove 3-day 1 GB limit on LTE data

All  of the Japanese carriers, in addition to having a monthly cap on data usage, also implement controls on short-term usage. This is because they lack the infrastructure to support an enormous instantaneous demand. In the past with other carriers, this has caused a tremendous amount of confusion due to inconsistent and improper communication to customers regarding these throttles. (Actually, it was probably because this particular carrier was making things up as it went along.)

To make matters worse, these throttles can be ridiculously implemented, where if you exceed a certain amount of data over a certain period of time, you get throttled, but not immediately. Instead, the throttle goes into effect up to 2 months later. That has nothing to do with network management and is purely punitive. I'll be glad to see these go.

Docomo Repeals 1 GB Limit

Docomo's limit was 1 GB over 3 days for Xi LTE data. Exceeding that results in a drastic speed decrease on the following day.
With continued expansion of the Xi coverage area, we can now provide a good user experience even without speed restrictions.
So Docomo will remove the restrictions. Yay! (There's no word on when, however.)

The 366MB 3-day limit on FOMA data will remain.

What about Softbank and KDDI?

Softbank and KDDI have commented that, at the present time, they have no plan to also remove their data limits. So that means they are now scrambling to figure out how to remove their limits, because once one Japanese carrier does something like this, they all have to follow suit or get left behind. I imagine that KDDI will be the first to announce the removal, followed by softbank. When Softbank finally announces, it will be accompanied by a huge amount of noise and BS.


  1. That's interesting. Any idea what the Softbank 3G cap is? I probably break it quite often, as I tether my windows 8.1 tablet to my Nokia 920 windows phone using a Softbank iphone 4s black sim.

  2. You know, it's funny, but I regularly already exceed 1GB per day on my Docomo Xi plan. In fact I average around 600MB per day, up until I hit the 7.5GB monthly limit.
    So it's possible that this has already been implemented.

  3. I think wrote this before on G+ but I wonder how or even IF MVNOs will respond to this... Somehow I doubt they'll do anything to restrictions like "300MB/72hours" any time soon ~__~

  4. Does anyone know where I best to ask a question about phones and lte bands.

    I'm on Yahoo mobile and want to buy a xiaomi note from China but not sure if it will work with LTE on Yahoo.

  5. you might check out this site: