Tuesday, September 15, 2015

SIM card vending machines coming to Narita Airport

Man, have we ever came a long way. (It only took five years.)

U-Next Inc. announced (PDF) they have installed SIM card vending machines at all three Narita Airport terminals. These are stocked with prepaid SIMs using their "U-mobile" data service. The SIM cards will go on sale from September 16th (tomorrow). The vending machines are located in the arrival lobbies of Terminals 1 and 2, and at the entrance of the main building of Terminal 3 (the new LCC terminal).

There is a 7-day and 15-day version for ¥2,000 and ¥3,500, respectively. Normal, micro, and nano SIMs are available.

The SIMs are from NTT Docomo and support LTE. The SIMs from the vending machines are data-only. LTE bands are all over the place, so your phone may or may not get LTE. Don't count on it. If your phone is from North America, unless it's an iPhone, it probably won't work at all. The rest of the world should be fine for at least 3G.

Each of these SIMs is limited to 200 MB/day, after which speed drops to 200 Kbps until 11:59 pm.  Maximum speed is stated to be 225/50 Mbps down/up, but you won't get anywhere near that speed, even with LTE. No word if tethering is allowed, but at 200 MB/day, I assume it is. I wouldn't recommend tethering with this product.

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